Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Chemical Cleaning

Which Carpet Cleaning Method is Best For Your Home or Business?

When you are choosing the best method for cleaning your carpets, you have a lot to consider. Should you clean your carpets yourself of or schedule professional cleaning?

Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning – Which Carpet Cleaning Method Should You Use?

When you do opt for professional carpet cleaning services, you still need to decide on which method you want to use. Two of the most notable methods are steam cleaning and dry chemical cleaning. Which type of carpet cleaning is right for you? Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each type.

First, lets look at an example of dry carpet cleaning and hot water extraction on the same carpet cleaning job.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Vs. Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

To show the effectiveness between hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning, we did both on the same area. First, we cleaned it using encapsulation and a counter rotating brush, a common dry carpet cleaning technique. This method is popular among many franchises because it’s low startup cost.

The technician that did this work used to work for one of these franchises before joining MSS Cleaning. He first cleaned the area with the exact same dry cleaning solutions and method he learned at the franchise, then re-cleaned the area using steam cleaning (hot water extraction).

As you can see, the dry carpet cleaning method definitely makes the carpet look better, however the stains are still present and the overall finished product is nowhere near as good. Hot water extraction was needed to do the best job.

Dry Chemical Carpet Cleaning

dry carpet cleaning machine

The name “dry chemical carpet cleaning” may sound like no water is used in the process. This is actually not the case.

Dry chem cleaning uses less water than steam cleaning or other carpet cleaning methods. However, some water is still used. The process uses chemical solutions that are agitated into the carpet with a rotating brush or bonnet machine to clean the carpeting. Carbonation may or may not also be used (in which case different machines can also be used).

The benefits: Dry chemical cleaning is often promoted due to the speed with which carpets will dry after cleaning. Because little water is used, there will not be large amounts of moisture left behind.

This perceived benefit, however, can typically be made even less consequential through the use of powerful truck mounted equipment. Modern hot water extraction (steam cleaning) equipment removes the vast majority of the water applied. Speed drying with fans further speeds up the dry time. During this few hour window, carpets can still be used as normal.

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

steam cleaning carpets using hot water extraction

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

When you are considering steam carpet cleaning vs dry chemical, recognize that Steam cleaning differs from dry chemical carpet cleaning for two reasons. For starters, steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) does use much larger amounts of hot water. This is needed to effectively clean the carpeting. Secondly, steam cleaning often uses less chemicals in the cleaning process.

Dry chemical relies on chemicals to do the cleaning. Steam cleaning pairs a gentle cleaning solution with extremely hot water. This is used to rid the carpet of dirt, odors, or grime.

The benefits: Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is the most effective carpet cleaning method for reaching the deepest parts of your carpeting. Dry chem cleaning only reaches the surface of the carpet, whereas steam cleaning penetrates to the deepest layers of your carpeting. This makes it the best choice if you’re looking to get rid of hard to remove stains, odors, germs, bacteria, and more.

It is also often chosen over dry chemical cleaning because it leaves your family exposed to fewer chemicals. This is particularly important in homes where small children and pets will be spending time on the carpet.

Other Dry Chemical Considerations vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Something else to consider when it comes to dry chemical is the way many machines operate. Dry carpet cleaning often involves rotary machines. Either bonnet cleaning or machines like an RX-20. These machines can aggressively spin residential carpet, a mechanical action that is too harsh for your carpet.

Agitating applied carpet cleaning solutions is a good idea to help loosen up dirt and grime. It also help the applied chemical act more efficiently. However, there is better equipment available than these antiquated methods.

Modern equipment, like a counter rotating brush machine, doesn’t untwist carpet fibers. We use this equipment in addition to our hot water extraction process for the best results. We don’t rely simply on this equipment as the sole cleaning method.

filthy water after carpet cleaning

The Key Is In The Extraction

The picture to the left shows the water we extract from customers carpets. Many customers don’t realize that when they use dry carpet cleaning techniques, this is what is being left behind in your carpets.

Hot water extraction actually rinses and extracts this mess from your carpet. Dry carpet cleaning doesn’t.

What About Mold and Mildew Concerns?

When you’re considering dry carpet cleaning vs hot water extraction, recognize that in many cases the myths about hot water extraction are false. Especially when it comes to concerns about mold.

It is true that you do not want to leave excess water or moisture in your carpeting after cleaning. This could, theoretically lead to the growth of mold and mildew (though we’ve never actually seen it). It can also leave your carpet prone to attracting dirt build up quickly.

Mold and mildew should never be a concern when you hire a reputable carpet cleaning company. Powerful vacuums on truck mounted machines remove the vast majority of the water used during the cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the superior cleaning method, so long as the company you hire has a proper extraction process. Weak, underpowered machines can leave you with a smelly carpet after cleaning. It can also leave a remaining unwanted soapy residue.

Choose MSS Cleaning

At MSS Cleaning, we ensure our equipment is maintained and operating well. This helps keep carpets from being left with excessive moisture or residue. Furthermore, your carpets will dry quickly with our high powered extraction process.

We also use highly effective carpet cleaning solutions for deep cleaning. You can rest assured that your carpets will be clean and safe for children and pets.

Reach out today to schedule carpet cleaning in Denver or the surrounding locations. Whether you need residential or commercial carpet cleaning, give us a call.

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