Here’s some advice from our friend and business partner, Chris, Owner of Alpine Maids: We’re a locally owned maid service based in Denver, CO. We focus on providing amazing home cleaning, but sometimes we get requests for carpet cleaning.  When those requests come in we refer all of our customers over to Andrew as MSS Cleaning servicing Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. We know our customers are in the best hands when we refer them over to Andrew.

However, if you are looking to get your whole home back in order you’ll need to catch up on your regular cleaning as well.  Below are some common cleaning mistakes you can avoid in order to speed up the whole cleaning process and get your home back in order!

  1. Use the correct product for the job

Different cleaning products serve different purposes, and all too often we see people using the wrong product for the job.  Be sure to use a bathroom cleaner in the bathroom, degreaser in the kitchen, and all purpose cleaner in common areas.

  1. Too much cleaner

A lot of research goes into formulating and using cleaning products correctly.  We find that a little often goes a long way.  If you over-use cleaning products you run the risk of making it harder to wipe away the grime, and even damaging the surface that you’re cleaning.

  1. Not reading the directions

As stated above, a lot of research goes into how to use cleaning products.  Some are meant to be applied to the surface you are cleaning while others are meant to be applied to your cloth or sponge.  Missing these nuances could cost you a lot of time.

  1. Not emptying your vacuum

We find so many full vacuums in the homes we service.  When over-filled the collected dirt and grime can often bypass the filtration system and shoot right out of the vacuums exhaust coating everything in a fine layer of dust after you just cleaned it!  Simply emptying your vacuum and changing the filter regularly can avoid this.

  1. Using low quality cloths

We have found that it is absolutely worth it to splurge on high quality microfiber. Our microfiber cloths are so good that we often do not need any special cleaning products at all.  A simple combination of high quality microfiber and water can remove most buildup from our regularly maintained homes.

  1. Letting things build up

Once you have let your home get away from you it seems daunting to get it back on track!  The best way to start one room at a time.  Get all of your supplies ready and have the accessible in the middle of the room.  If you make a plan to conquer one room a day for a whole week you can have your whole home cleaned by the end of the week with a minimal time commitment.

If you ever decide you’d like to free up your time we can help you at Alpine Maids just visit our website for a great Denver Maid Service. We also offer spring cleanings which can be paired with a carpet cleaning from MSS Cleaning to get your home back to new