5 Common Myths About Water Damage Restoration

Avoid costly mistakes by doing it right the first time

Some surprises in life are fun and exciting while others, like unexpected water damage, leave property owners grasping for solutions. Whether it happens as the result of flooding or problems with interior plumbing and pipes, water damage can leave a string of headaches in its wake.

Trying to repair water damage yourself

There’s a tendency amongst those who have experienced water damage in a home or business to try to manage the problem on their own. Often, this is the result of a firm belief in things they’ve overheard surrounding water damage restoration that have little foundation in the truth.

Myths about water damage restoration are exactly that…myths. It’s frequently a case of one unfortunate account growing to overblown proportions.

Don’t Risk Additional Damage

Unfortunately, the result of these myths can be that property owners count out professionals and try to take care of water damage restoration themselves. This can lead to significantly worse results.

Instead of swearing off a water damage restoration company and inviting in stress, take some time to be aware of what’s being said, and how much of it is accurate. The following are 5 common myths about water damage restoration that you don’t want to cling to when it’s time to clean up the mess.

Myth 1: It Will be Cheaper to Clean Water Damaged Carpets Myself 

It may be tempting to tackle the issue of water damage on your own in the name of finances, but this often leads to added expenses when professional expertise is left out of the equation.

Removing water from the property quickly and efficiently is key to being able to salvage carpeting and flooring below. Often, most homeowners or business owners just don’t have the equipment on-hand that’s needed to remove water correctly.

Delays in removing water can result in the need for a new carpet entirely. This is almost always more expensive than having professionals remove water in the first place.

Myth 2: Once the Water is Removed, I Can Let the Carpet Air Dry

dehumidifiers and fans for water restoration

Many homeowners and business owners looking to avoid working with a water damage restoration company are under the impression that letting carpet air dry is a viable option. They may even try setting up a traditional fan and letting it sit over the carpet for several days.

In reality, water damage restoration goes beyond the surface of carpeting to the padding below. Professional grade dehumidifiers and high speed fans are necessary in most instances to properly dry out water or flood water damage such as in your basement.

In cases of severe damage, carpet and pad needs to be removed and replaced before carpeting can be successfully dried.

A moisture reader is also needed to let you know that carpets are completely dried beyond a simple touch test. Quality moisture meters are specialty tools needed to do the job right.

Myth 3: Rented Carpet Extractors Can Remove All Water and Smells

Man with rented carpet extractor

Even minimal amounts of water damage can leave stains and debris on flooring. When this happens, it’s a mistake to believe the myth that DIY carpet extractors are going to be able to solve the problem

Effective water damage restoration requires the use of specialized cleaning equipment and solutions that dive far below the surface level of the carpeting.

Myth 4: It’s Easy to Install a New Carpet Yourself

Many homeowners and business owners dealing with a water damage restoration issue skip the cleaning altogether and jump right to the idea of installing brand new carpeting. Myths about water damage restoration lead them to believe this will be easy, but the reality is not so simple.

Installing a new carpet involves more than just setting it in place. The fabric needs to be cut to size, fitted to room dimensions, and finished. This requires stretching carpet back into pace using equipment that includes everything from power stretchers and knee kickers to hook knives for clean seams.  

Myth 5: Water Damage Restoration Only Refers to Carpeting

cut out drywall due to water damage

It’s easy to get focused on the carpeting when it comes to water damage. Excessive moisture issues of any kind are linked to other problems that occur within a property as well.

From drywall and baseboards to the potential for mold growth, water damage has a way of spreading to other areas quickly.

If left unattended, water damage that’s reached other features of the home can affect structural integrity over the long-term. Having a professional company on-hand that can identify these potential problem points is important when it comes to maintaining safety standards.

Water Damage Restoration Customers Can Count On

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