How Often Should You Vacuum?



How Frequently Do I Need to Vacuum?

This question may seem pretty straightforward. Whenever it’s dirty, right? Here at MSS Cleaning we take cleaning very seriously. However, we also understand how laborious it is to maintain a clean household. If you’re worried about your frequent vacuuming damaging your hardwood floors or carpet here are some tips on how often you should vacuum your home.

How Often Should You Vacuum Carpet

Now, this rule can fluctuate depending on the traffic for the specific area you’re cleaning. If this is a high traffic area then vacuuming once a day is going to do the trick. Yes, we know. Daily vacuuming? Who has time for that?

Although it does feel like a lot of work, your carpets will appreciate it. The longer you let dust and dirt and other substances build up, the harder you’ll have to work to get it all out. The amount of foot traffic will determine how often you should vacuum your carpet.

Vacuuming Areas with Light Traffic

For light traffic areas, we recommend breaking out the vacuum cleaner twice a week. Your carpet is less likely to build up dirt, dust, and other substances in areas like these.

Limiting lighter trafficked areas to a bi-weekly vacuuming schedule will give your carpet the cleaning it needs as well as more time for other things in your life! 

What Kind of Vacuum Should I Use

A robot vacuum such as a Roomba can also cut down on the needed frequency of cleaning. Depending on your type of flooring, these automated vacuums work pretty well on a maintenance basis. Similarly we find stick vacuums do a great job for most spaces, even though you can rarely beat the power of a good bagged vacuum, especially if you are dealing with pet hair or other heavy duty vacuuming needs.

Vacuuming Properly

Remember, don’t just give it a quick runover with the vacuum. We recommended two or three long back and forth strokes over the dirty areas of your carpet. Repeat this in multiple, overlapping directions for the best results.

You can even spray a bit of carpet freshener over the spots after vacuuming to give the carpet a fresh scent.


Man vacuuming rug in home

Hard Floors? Vacuum Weekly.

This will be the easiest area to manage, and unless you track in an abnormal amount of dirt or sand you’ll only need to vacuum your hard floors weekly! Make sure you don’t skip out on this. Allergens will build up in the cracks between the floorboards and become much harder to clean. How often should you vacuum your hard floors? MSS Cleaning recommends weekly!

How Often Should You Vacuum If You Have Pets?

We love our pets and unfortunately, even though they can’t help it, our pets love shedding. As cute and cuddly as our pets can be, they track all sorts of unknown dirt, grime and bacteria into our homes. All the things they step in while running around outside come straight into your home and onto your carpets and floors.

This is why the experts at MSS Cleaning recommend vacuuming daily if you have pets. We know this is a lot to ask for but a little work goes a long way!

For other pet vs carpet inquiries, be sure to check out this article on how to get cat urine out of carpet and how to remove dog urine out of carpet!

Call the Professional Carpet Cleaners

And remember, regardless of how often you vacuum, you still should have professional carpet cleaners come in for a deep carpet cleaning at least every 18 months. If you’re in the Greater Denver Area don’t hesitate to call the pros at MSS Cleaning and book an appointment today!

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