Quality Upholstery Cleaning

When you want professional upholstery cleaning in Lakewood or surrounding areas, it takes a skilled technician to properly identify and clean your upholstery per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our expert technicians utilize a variety of methods. Hot water extraction (AKA steam cleaning) and encapsulation are typically used to clean your upholstery thoroughly, yet gently. Accomplishing this requires a solid knowledge of the right solutions to apply to keep the upholstery looking great. Using the right upholstery steam cleaner tools is also important to avoiding discoloration or water marks from over wetting. MSS Cleaning’s upholstery steam cleaning methods are the best way to get your upholstery looking great.

Our upholstery cleaning service covers just about every upholstered item you can think of. Whether you need a sofa, armchair, dining room chair, or pillows cleaned, we’ve got it covered. Just as we clean upholstery, we can also clean mattresses using the same methods. We have great success in removing stains from mattresses and can help clean and sanitize mattresses using hot water extraction (steam cleaning).

MSS Cleaning technicians clean a variety of different fabrics. Polyester, synthetics, microfiber, and cotton are among some of the fabrics we can clean. In certain instances, our clients come to us with upholstery that has been stained. Except in the case of very delicate material, we can often provide spot cleaning to remove these stains as well through our professional upholstery cleaning services. Located in Lakewood, we provide service to the greater Denver metro area.